Monday, 29 April 2013


Enrico Toti

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Enrico Toti (20 August 1882 in Rome – 6 August 1916 in Monfalcone) was an Italian cyclist, patriot and hero of World War I.
Enrico lost his left leg while working for Italian railways, at the age of 24. After his injury he became a cyclist. In 1911, riding on a bicycle with one leg, he cycled to Paris, and then through Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, up to Finland andLapland. From there, via Russia and Poland, he returned to Italy in June 1912. In January 1913 Toti started cycling again, this time in Egypt; from Alexandria, he reached the border with Sudan where the English authorities, considering the trail too dangerous, ordered him to end the journey, and sent him to Cairo where he came back to Italy. When war broke out between Italy and the Austrian Empire, Toti tried to volunteer for the Italian army but was not accepted due to his injury. Undaunted, he reached the frontline with his bicycle and managed to serve as an unpaid, unregistred, fully non-regulation "civilian volunteer" attached to several units. Forced to leave the combat zone and return home by the Carabinieri (Military Police), Toti stubbornly returned to the front and finally managed to join (still unofficially) the 3rd Bersaglieri Bicycle Battalion. He was killed in the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo. Fatally wounded in a clash, he hurled his crutch at the enemy. He was posthumously awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valor (Italy's highest award for valour), one of the relatively few civilians to have this honour bestowed on them.

 Patriotic Paintings

and 2 Submarines..


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My new Work...Cool eh ??

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Yarn enough

enough colour...Black and White time

Golden Bear

"Is that a new boy passing by....?"

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Shoe shake

MMMM.........Nice shoes

Alice what's the matter ?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

beardo camp

This year marks Campagnolo’s 80th anniversary making groupsets. To celebrate there will be a special version of their Super Record mechanical groupset which weighs 1,822g and uses the new humid-state finish on the carbon. It’s a micro sanded finish which looks kind of softly scuffed and matt in appearance. There are 80th anniversary logos on each part which are designed not to wear away should you want to use the groupset rather than store it in it’s case. Each set will have a unique serial number. Lots of people will want to collect these. Past anniversary editions sell very well when they appear for sale. There’s a full carbon 50mm deep-section wheelset to match weighing 1,310g and a cheaper aluminium/carbon wheelset which weighs 1,590g.


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