Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Away Day... Oxford

Cycle art...

I sat on the front row at the Proctors Ceremony.. Me...? Convocation House

 (Charles 1st Throne )  
The entire westward section was originally known as Selden End, in recognition of the gift of books from the lawyer John Selden which occupy the portion of the Bodleian Library housed above. In 1665 and 1681, during the reign of Charles II, the chamber served as home for the English Parliament when it was unable to meet in London[1]. Its present stone vaulted ceiling dates from 1758-9.
The Royalist newspaper, Mercurius Aulicus, was first published at Oxford in January  1643

wheres that loose £10.000 ???

From Saturday, March 20 ( got me ticket to the pre public viewing n.nn.n.n)  to Sunday, April  4, the gallery in Oxford Street will be showcasing Urban Art, which features the work of renowned British graffiti artist Banksy.
The guerrilla artist, whose real identity remains a subject of debate, has won an army of fans across the world for his humorous social and political observations, selling his work for millions.
Banksy is joined by legendary pioneering French graffiti artist Blek Le Rat (pictured), Anthony Micallef, Reading-based stencil artist Marvo and comic-turned urban artist Titifreak.
A unique piece by Marvo will cover the gallery window for the duration of the exhibition

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