Friday, 29 January 2010

One from the Bear

Enough of dope.. Now where was I ??

I guess crack does a body good.

Apparently the residual effects of his crack addiction have served Chad Gerlach well. As some of you may remember, Chad Gerlach was the subject of the show 'Intervention'. A pro cyclist for the USPS team in years past, Chad decided he liked "The Rock" more than "Rock Racing".
Now Chad is again racing professionally - 
and winning races. So now it's time for him to train hard and be the next american cycling hero. Hamilton's out (doping and illegal anti-depressants), Landis is out (testosterone), Armstrong is getting too what? What America needs is a real comeback story. Just think of how many people down on their luck, passed out in a meth house, would look to Chad's story for motivation. They'd say "Sure - one more rock please. After I come down, I can just jump on my roadbike and train to be like Chad." I can see it now. Go Chad!


Tyler Hamilton - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Michele Ferrari.,6802,s-3-12-13773-1-P,00.html
For the past two decades, when cycling's greatest racers have needed that last bit of speed to turn themselves into legends, they've called for Michele Ferrari.

bike jerks

Nuf Said.. Got me hat on order

Puncture Art

Ppsssssssssssss   Bugger

Monday, 18 January 2010

Oh Fu**BANG !!!

Cowley Road Special.. But photo flipped Unless your on the pavement... naughty....

No wonder my Giove signature Super V goes like hell, Its always running for the border, I`ll have to put Grass Leaf next to the signature

Missy in winning form

Bit of space on there for a leaf

Sock Guy support
Great socks

Heres the Blah Blah....

Former Cannondale  world downhill mountain bike champion Missy Giove had plead guilty to smuggling marijuana, capping what is likely one of the most spectacular tumbles from grace in all of action sports. The 37-year-old, featured last fall here retired from pro racing in 2003 after world championship titles and a flamboyant career peaking with her world title in 1994 and a sponsor contract that was the envy of all pro pedalers.
Last month Giove admitted her role in a 3-year smuggling operation, telling cops she took $30,000 to coordinate couriers shuttling marijuana from California to New York. Last summer, cops busted her in Illinois with 350 pounds of marijuana. They later found another 30 to 50 pounds of the weed at a co-conspirator’s home, along with more than $1 million cash.
She could face up to five years in federal prison. Sentencing is set for March.

Giove is not the first American Cannondale downhill racer to have been charged with a marijuana-related offense. Giove, however, faces penalties far more serious than those handed down to 2000 world champion Myles Rockwell, who was arrested in 2004 for operating a sophisticated hydroponic system used to grow 52 high quality sinsemilla plants in his home in Colorado. A state judge sentenced Rockwell to 30 nights in jail, permitting him to spend his days as a free man, and ordered him to attend a drug rehabilitation program